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Fire Ants are prevalent throughout Florida. Both black and red fireants are territorial and fierce insects.

The fire ant mounds vary in shape and size are found throughout Palm Beach and Broward Florida. Peak activity for the Florida fireant is April to December.

Throughout the spring into winter, active mounds send “swarmer ants”. These winged ants venture out to start new colonies.

We get calls from homeowners and land owners who want to know if they have ants swarming inside their house. Generally, fire ant swarmers will retain their wings even after death.

Fire Ant Area Assessment and Treatment

We first establish what the common ground between you and the fire ants are. This common ground is anywhere you go on your property where fire ants are. Often, it may include picnic areas, ball fields, pool areas, tennis courts, nature trails or parking lots. If your yard is many acres, identify the critical areas where encounters with fire ants will occur. Once this common ground is identified, we have two types of fireant controls that are used to kill off any active nests. We will use a combination of Baiting and/or Drenching depending on the situation


BAITING will be done when the region is prone to getting Fire Ant nests. Baiting is a preventive treatment and we recommend a quarterly treatment plan. This ensures no new nests will form. If nests are already present, we DRENCH them for immediate eradication of existing mounds.


DRENCHING will be done when there are active nests that need to be eliminated immediately. We will do this when people or pets are at risk of being stung by existing ants in the common areas. Drenching mounds is so effective that we only do it when fire ants are in the active period of the year.

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