Palm Tree Fertilization Services & Treatment

Save your palm trees with proper fertilization

We walk your property and thoroughly inspect each tree from top to bottom to determine its status.

Through maintenance and regular feedings palms have less of a chance of developing nutrient deficiencies.

We only use the best available fertilizers and techniques to maintain your palms. Extensive research by the University of Florida has determined that nutrient deficiencies are far easier to prevent than correct.

It can fully take 2-3 years for some palms to remove the deficient growth naturally. We recommend quarterly feedings to keep your palms looking their best.

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  • When it comes to treating for fertilizing palm trees we will give you a plan to prepare, and what to expect.
  • Only the highest quality products for fertilizing palm trees for better results and safety.
  • Call our references of palm tree fertilizing.
  • Yaardvark Pest Control, LLC is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.

Yaardvark Pest Control, LLC Pest Control Services is committed to providing an affordable and effective pest control solution. We take every measure to protect your and your family’s safety throughout the process. Call Us Today!